Saturday, September 25, 2010

Former James Earl Ray lawyer Jack Kershaw has died

Jack Kershaw Is Dead at 96; Challenged Conviction in King’s Death

Pictured in 1977 are, from left, Gary Revel, an investigator, 
James Earl Ray, Jack Kershaw, Ray’s Lawer, and Ray’s brother Jerry.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Willie Wine aka Dr. Yahweh reacts to Wither revelation

If you downloaded and looked at the many FBI documents that the Commercial Appeal put online with their article on Ernest Withers you will see the name Sweet Willie Wine.  He was one of the Invaders.  He's still alive today, but now goes by the name Dr. Yahweh.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dick Gregory reacts to Ernest Withers expose

Dick Gregory on the Rob Redding radio show

This is the 3rd hour of this daily radio show.  This is from September 15th.  There are segments and commercials.  Gregory talks about this a little in the first segment.  Gregory does not think we really went to the Moon.  So, skip that part.  They have some phone trouble in the second segment.  He's calling in from a cell phone.

Gregory said, "It's more than a surprise.  I thought you could always recognize a Judas."  

Gregory talks about how Withers became a police officer and was fired from that because he was too rough shaking down people.  Then Withers got a job with a liquor authority and lost that job because he would shake people down there too.  Gregory thinks he was a bit of a thug.

But, he was really upset with Andrew Young's dismissive attitude about the revelation.  Young doesn't think its a big deal that Withers was making a little money on the side. I don't think Young really comprehended the story that Withers was ratting everyone out to J. Edgar Hoover.  A little money on the side?  This wasn't a kid with a part-time job at the mall.  Young also said that he didn't think Dr. King would be too upset about this either.  Gregory is astonished by that, and thinks it betrays a hatred by Young of King.

In the third segment Gregory wonders what else Withers was involved in.  "Was getting King killed part of the deal?"

In the 4th segment, Gregory thinks Young's dismissive reaction needs to be explained.  Withers was there with the first photos of the killings of some people.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dick Gregory rips Andrew Young's reaction to the expose on Withers

ATLANTA, Sept. 16, 2010, 10 a.m. - Comedian and activist Dick Gregory said he wants former civil rights activist, mayor and ambassador Andrew Young to explain his comments about an FBI spy in the civil rights movement.

Young, now 78, told The Commercial Appeal that he is not bothered by a report that Ernest Withers secretly worked as an FBI informant while snapping photographs of the civil rights movement.

"I always liked him because he was a good photographer. And he was always (around)," Young is reported to have told the newspaper. "I don't think Dr. King would have minded him making a little money on the side.''

Gregory said the comments show a "hatred" of Martin Luther King Jr.

"We are talking about a guy hired by the FBI to destroy us and the fact that Andy could say that means there must be a deep hatred down inside of him...If he feels that way about King only God knows what he feels about the rest of us," Gregory said on Redding News Review's daily radio program.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on Withers

King murder photos illuminate Ernest Withers’ FBI link

This photo taken by Joseph Louw was
developed in Wither's Beale Street Studio

A blow up of the photo shows Marrell McCollough
with his left hand on the middle railing and right 
hand holding some type of cloth to Dr. King's head.  

Marrell McCollough was working undercover as a Memphis policeman, as such he infiltrated a militant group of Black activists in Memphis who called themselves "The Invaders."  The Invaders were the ones who disrupted the first march King led in Memphis in March of 1968 in support of the sanitation workers strike.  They smashed windows of some businesses and started a small riot which led to the shooting death of a young man, Larry Payne.  The rioting and the death of Mr. Payne were laid at the feet of Dr. King.  Editorials were written denouncing King.  King felt he had to go back and prove he could lead a non-violent march.  

I believe the sanitation worker's strike was exploited to lure Dr. King to Memphis.  I believe the first march by Dr.  King was deliberately disrupted so as to weaken Dr. King's moral high ground and force him to come back to Memphis.  Once back in Memphis he is moved to an insecure and open second floor room in the Lorriane Motel.  Earlier in the day he was on a less visible first floor room where a concrete retaining wall and parked cars might offer some protection and could block a shot. Once he is alone and isolated on the second floor balcony he is easily killed by a sniper who has a clear line of sight.  

Dr. King's photographer, Ernest Withers, was an FBI informant

Wow.  This is very disturbing, sickening really.

Famed civil rights photographer doubled as FBI informant