Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on Withers

King murder photos illuminate Ernest Withers’ FBI link

This photo taken by Joseph Louw was
developed in Wither's Beale Street Studio

A blow up of the photo shows Marrell McCollough
with his left hand on the middle railing and right 
hand holding some type of cloth to Dr. King's head.  

Marrell McCollough was working undercover as a Memphis policeman, as such he infiltrated a militant group of Black activists in Memphis who called themselves "The Invaders."  The Invaders were the ones who disrupted the first march King led in Memphis in March of 1968 in support of the sanitation workers strike.  They smashed windows of some businesses and started a small riot which led to the shooting death of a young man, Larry Payne.  The rioting and the death of Mr. Payne were laid at the feet of Dr. King.  Editorials were written denouncing King.  King felt he had to go back and prove he could lead a non-violent march.  

I believe the sanitation worker's strike was exploited to lure Dr. King to Memphis.  I believe the first march by Dr.  King was deliberately disrupted so as to weaken Dr. King's moral high ground and force him to come back to Memphis.  Once back in Memphis he is moved to an insecure and open second floor room in the Lorriane Motel.  Earlier in the day he was on a less visible first floor room where a concrete retaining wall and parked cars might offer some protection and could block a shot. Once he is alone and isolated on the second floor balcony he is easily killed by a sniper who has a clear line of sight.  

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