Sunday, April 10, 2011

Okay, what the hell is going on? Is it Spring cleaning at the Lone Nut Archives or something?

This is getting exhausting trying to keep up with this.  "The Kennedys" mini-series ends this weekend.  New Sirhan documents show up.  New Ray stuff, and more new Ray stuff.

I really miss Phil Melanson, and I wonder what he would think of this stuff.

James Earl Ray

Documents underscore theory that James Earl Ray was paid off - That sounds like the Commercial Appeal is acknowledging there was a conspiracy.  You see if you're paid off then there's someone giving money and someone receiving money, 2 people.

Yet another batch of newly discovered records about James Earl Ray

New Sirhan Sirhan documents, and now new stuff about Ray.

Records give up-close look at James Earl Ray's every move in jail

They are logs of Ray's every move: What time he woke, what he ate, what he ordered from the commissary, what he read, who he corresponded with and who he received as a visitor.

From the article:

"...the uneventful morning of Sept. 28, 1968, at the Shelby County Jail grew into an intriguing afternoon for Ray, a career criminal arrested for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ray had a visitor -- J.B. Stoner, a venomous Georgia segregationist later convicted of bombing an Alabama church. Like Ray, Stoner, an attorney, was suspected by the FBI in King's murder.
"Mr. Stoner brought a note out of A Block with him which Ray had given him,'' Smith wrote, determining the note involved a legal matter but failing to record the substance of the pair's 90-minute jailhouse conversation.  (emphasis added - Joe)  
Can you believe this?  J.B. Stoner was convicted in 1980 for the bombing of the Bethel Babtist church in Birmingham.  He was considered a suspect in that bombing, and a suspect in the killing of King, and a suspect in many other Civil Rights era crimes and he gets to see Ray, and talk to him for an hour and a half, and take a note from Ray out of Ray's cell, and no one knows what they talked about, or the content of the note! WTF! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Commercial Appeal Assisted the FBI in its COINTELPRO activities

Another brilliant Mike Vinson article

A brilliant definition of a "conspiracy theorist"

Meet Mike Vinson of the Murfreesboro Post.

VINSON: Conspiracy vs. non-conspiracy — the 'One-Percenter Factor'

Concerning the research of these high-profile, highly-controversial issues, I forewarn anyone of this: It is not for those of thin skin and faint heart.

If you can't handle being repeatedly attacked and disappointed, then you're finished before you start.

However, if you are cut from stronger fabric, then (to borrow from outlaw biker terminology) you might qualify as a "one-percenter," an independent thinker willing to put in the time, take the heat, and get to the "core" of the matter, a cut above the other 99 percent.