Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quote of the Day

I'm re-reading Harold Weisberg's book on the MLK case "Frame-Up." and came across a passage that could apply to so many other things that have happened since the assassinations of the 1960's.

“Behind the pretense of strict adherence to the proprieties, by what it did and said and what it leaked and inspired, the government was successful in capturing the public mind with endless newstories the other side could neither answer nor refute. This did amount to propaganda.” Frame-Up p. 22

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stuart Wexler and the MLK assassination

FYI, about Stuart Wexler and the MLK assassination.  Stu is working on a book with Larry Hancock which is going to say that yes, James Earl Ray shot Dr. King all on his own because he heard about some scheme the KKK had.  The KKK was offering a big sum of money, $100,000, if only someone would kill Dr. King for them.  Ray heard this in prison and that's why he broke out, to kill King, and to collect the bounty.  The book was previously going to be called "Seeking Armageddon: The Effort to Kill Martin Luther King Jr."  Now it's got a new title "The Awful Grace of God: Racial Terrorism and the Unsolved Murder of Martin Luther King Jr." 

It should be called, "Aw For [ Deleted] Sake: Two Buffoons 

Promote a Lone Nut Story That Even Posner Wouldn't Peddle." 

Don't believe me? Check these out: 

An interesting site

I came across an interesting site with thought provoking analysis of exactly where witnesses may actually be pointing to in the immediate aftermath of Dr. King's assassination.

It's called Martin Luther King - The Fatal Shot Came from a Different Direction

Now there are rather a lot of annoying animated and blinking ads at the top. Scroll down.  It gets better.

This iconic and haunting photo taken moments after Dr, King was shot shows Andrew Young and others pointing in the direction they believe the shot came from.  But, what exactly are they pointing at? The federal government believes they are pointing at the back of Bessie Brewer's rooming house, from a window they say James Earl Ray shot from.  Researcher Ted Wilburn believes they are pointing towards the Gattis building.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A petition to release files on Dr. King

The White House has a website where you can create a petition and if there are enough people who sign onto it it will be brought to the attention of President Obama.  The petition has been created to release all governmental files relating to the surveillance on Dr. King,  his assassination, and the investigation into his assassination.  It needs 25,000 people to sign it.  I am supporting this.

The petition can be found here -

You do need to create an account.  The White House site will send you an email back, and then you do what it says.  Then you have an account.  Then you can sign the petition.  

I was the 15th person to sign it.  We need you to sign this and please ask your friends to sign it too.

Thank you.