Monday, March 22, 2010


Hello, and welcome to a new blog, "Justice for King."  My hope is that this blog will help in the creation of a MLK Records Act.  The MLK Records Act should be based upon the JFK Records Act. The MLK Records Act should not only declassify and release to the public records and artifacts relating to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King jr., but also gather physical evidence and compel testimony of witnesses to the assassination, and especially of those involved in the investigations of the crime.

The bulk of federal records on the case come from the records of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) that investigated the case in the 1970's.  Other records are in the possession of the FBI, CIA and other American intelligence agencies.  There are also records from the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County, Tennessee to acquire.  I shall attempt to compile a detailed but by no means complete list of where investigators should look for MLK records. 

Records from foreign countries should be pursued.  James Earl Ray spent some time in Canada in the cities of Montreal and Toronto.  All Records relating to his Canadian passport under the false name "Mr. Ramon George Sneya," should be acquired.  I believe Ray traveled on this passport to England and then onto Lisbon, Portugal where on May 16, 1968 he turned it in to the Canadian embassy in Portugal because of a spelling mistake.  The last name was supposed to be Sneyd.  All agencies and personnel from Canada, Great Britain and Portugal should be asked to search for and turn over records relating to Ray's travel.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has investigated the King case over the years.  They and all media outlets both domestic and foreign should be asked to turn over all records, films, photographs, and notes regardless of what media they were originally created on or now stored on of their journalists who have examined the case. At the very least copies of them should be requested.

It is Ray's time in Canada that is the key to unlocking the conspiracy, and I do believe there was a conspiracy.

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