Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yet another batch of newly discovered records about James Earl Ray

New Sirhan Sirhan documents, and now new stuff about Ray.

Records give up-close look at James Earl Ray's every move in jail

They are logs of Ray's every move: What time he woke, what he ate, what he ordered from the commissary, what he read, who he corresponded with and who he received as a visitor.

From the article:

"...the uneventful morning of Sept. 28, 1968, at the Shelby County Jail grew into an intriguing afternoon for Ray, a career criminal arrested for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ray had a visitor -- J.B. Stoner, a venomous Georgia segregationist later convicted of bombing an Alabama church. Like Ray, Stoner, an attorney, was suspected by the FBI in King's murder.
"Mr. Stoner brought a note out of A Block with him which Ray had given him,'' Smith wrote, determining the note involved a legal matter but failing to record the substance of the pair's 90-minute jailhouse conversation.  (emphasis added - Joe)  
Can you believe this?  J.B. Stoner was convicted in 1980 for the bombing of the Bethel Babtist church in Birmingham.  He was considered a suspect in that bombing, and a suspect in the killing of King, and a suspect in many other Civil Rights era crimes and he gets to see Ray, and talk to him for an hour and a half, and take a note from Ray out of Ray's cell, and no one knows what they talked about, or the content of the note! WTF! 

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